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#1 Sunday 4th October 2015 21:50:16

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Passed ADI Part 2!!!

Hi all, I passed my ADI Part 2 on Friday on my first attempt. Had a good drive. Whilst doing my right corner reverse, i personally wasn't happy with it and felt i could do better. So i asked the examiner if i could redo it. To which she replied (Ibbzy - you don't need to) At that moment i was fairly confident that i had passed as it was really close to the test center.

Looking to take out a trainee license  now but not with RED. The question i have is. In order to take out a trainee license il have to do 40 hours of in car training. I have already done that as it is my 2nd time im doing my adi qualification tests. Do i have to redo them? or can i just get sponsored to get a trainee license?

Cant wait to get back on the road!



Sunday 4th October 2015 21:50:16

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Re: Passed ADI Part 2!!!

#2 Monday 5th October 2015 06:47:58

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Re: Passed ADI Part 2!!!

Congratulations on passing your Part 2! Be aware though for your future pupils, when doing a manoeuvre the candidate is generally not allowed 'to have another go' or 'redo it' as you describe it. You can correct, ie if about to touch kerb you can move forward, straighten up and then continue reversing, and as long as obs are maintained would only collect a driver fault(minor). Its only in the interest of safety, ie left reverse when prevented from completing by vehicle coming up behind, leaving insufficient space and showing no sign of going around, would it be ok to move back to the start point to allow them to clear junction and then start again.

In respect of the Trainee Licence you will need the ADI responsible for your training to confirm that you have had at least 40 hours training in the last six months. You/ they will need to complete Form ADI 21T which you will find on the DVSA website as part of the application process.


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