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#1 Saturday 12th September 2015 15:08:43

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EU Judgement on workers rights. … rules.html

Although we are indeed self employed, the EU has classified that traveling to and from our first and last appointment is "WORKING", and an employed person should be recompensed for this time.

For me on average it's about 30 mins each end of the day, but I am aware of some Fleet and DIT Trainers who travel some awesome distances to the days work.

Can our markets absorb sufficient increase in fees to compensate us for this time?



Saturday 12th September 2015 15:08:43

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Re: EU Judgement on workers rights.

#2 Saturday 12th September 2015 17:36:24

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Re: EU Judgement on workers rights.

Firstly that is the daily mail, they just spout total ***** all the time.

Secondly we are not employed.

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#3 Saturday 12th September 2015 18:34:44

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Re: EU Judgement on workers rights.

Working hours Directive doesn't apply ... and I left home today at 6:45 am and got back 12 hours later. Did I get paid for my travelling time?  And that's quite typical - I count myself as lucky that I don't have any reports to write up from today's activities (which is what I normally have to do with my normal fleet work).

In other industry sectors the EU has opened up the proverbial.
The get-out for employers is for the employees to opt out of scope of the working hours Directive.

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