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Rooster dies! Dead bat sets fire to nature strip!

They're the headlines in a couple recent editions of the NT News (Darwin, Northern Territory).
Previously, bark was stripped from a large stand of native trees on a rural property, it happened overnight and the trees were stripped up to the upper branches suggesting a tall person or a short person with a ladder (and hyper-active ones at that).
Some people suggested a gang of dogs but as they also would have needed ladders (these people were also rural dwellers, in an area when "smoking stuff" is rife).
Others think a Yowie (Australia's Bigfoot) could have done it, as the area has had a lot of Yowie sightings since the place was settled.

It's currently so quiet on this forum you can hear a pin drop, so I thought I'd ask what's happening north of the equator ???.

"Rooster dies": I often went out of my way to refuel at a certain service station in Palmerston, just to get the chance to meet the servo's celebrity resident rooster 'Coogoe Drumsticks'.
Coogoe made the servo his home, checking the pumps & customers by day and sleeping under a tree by night - he was shy but never attacked anyone*, and the staff made he had water and was well fed.
*Although he made sure that no evil-doing birds such as PeeWees would hang around the servo, they were all seen off ASAP.

If Coogoe did have one fault it was extreme vanity - admittedly a magnificent plumage of black/orange/red is something to crow about, but that doesn't mean one should stand for ages in front of the servo's reflective glass doors cocking one's head from side to side, admiring one's reflection.
After 2 & half years, he died from a disease (his home tree was destroyed by a storm and despite a visit to the vet he went downhill after that)
The paper spelled his name "Coogoe" but I think the servo staff meant "Cujo" which is how they pronounced it.
For a while I thought his name was "Buck", at least that's what I thought Cujo said when I asked his name.

Farewell Buck/Cujo/Coogoe/whatever; at least you escaped the heinous clutches of that villain, Colonel Sanders. And I never got the chance to invite you round to dinner to meet you and introduce my new Weber barbeque.

"Dead bat sets fire to nature strip!": Flying Foxes (large furry black fruit-bats with fox-like faces) are not the Territory's most loved animal.
They look cute but the cuteness ends right there, mango farmers hate them because they plunder mango trees and others hate them because they vomit or excrete huge amounts of nasty acidic stomach contents on the wing - eats through car paint overnight.
Washing on the line, and even cars under cover aren't always safe because they bomb "Dam Buster style" and can lob their stuff through open carport doors.
Another habit is to electrocute themselves on power lines, often causing outages.
The one in the paper caused a shower of sparks, a "hot sparky wing" detached from the corpse and dropped to the ground setting a nature strip alight.

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Monday 10th November 2014 11:50:28

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Re: Rooster dies! Dead bat sets fire to nature strip!

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