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#1 Friday 12th September 2014 12:05:17

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Someone hit my car

Last week, I parked my car in front of my house and there was a car reversing and hitting my car from behind. I came out but that car had gone. Some minor scratches were found on the side-rear of my car. About 15 minutes later, there was a man knocking my door and said he had hit my car and he said sorry and wanted to pay £20 for it. I refused and said I had no idea about how much it could take but took his details just in case I need for insurance purpose. He gave me his name, telephone number and car registration number (but clearly I don't know for sure about his car registration number as he parked his car at another place when he walked back). I called him today, but the telephone is wrong as it is a fax machine. I have his registration number but not sure if that is correct. I trusted him until I made failed phone calls few minutes ago.

So, what should I do now? Should I just ignore it or should go to see a solicitor?

Thanks for advice smile



Friday 12th September 2014 12:05:17

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Re: Someone hit my car

#2 Friday 12th September 2014 14:57:56

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Re: Someone hit my car

Too late now, but never accept just a phone number. The law requires him to give name & address (and those of the owner).


#3 Friday 12th September 2014 19:47:23

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Re: Someone hit my car

check the reg no. on the askmid site to see whether it's insured


#4 Thursday 16th October 2014 13:21:46

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Re: Someone hit my car

Agreed with Roadmaster - see if the plate is insured! But unfortunately there's not much else you can do about it now  sad in future always get the full name, address of the person - don't be afraid to ask to see their driving license so you are sure they are being genuine! Good luck  smile


#5 Thursday 16th October 2014 14:42:35

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Re: Someone hit my car

He might have had a prick of conscience but I doubt it.

This sounds like the guy in the car park who has just winged
a car and is stood there writing on a note that is left under the
windscreen. Passers by think he is doing the decent thing but
all he is writing is a note to say these people think I'm writing
down my name and address. Bye!

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