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#1 Sunday 20th April 2014 11:31:18

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I think I'm behind the times ..

Between lessons today I walked up to the front door of my unit to find a dozen Ferrero Rocher chocolates (I love them) and a note saying Happy Easter, I assumed they were from my neighbours in the unit alongside mine.
Their 10 year old daughter (ten is a guess) was in the swimming pool, on the way back out to my car I asked her if she was the Easter Bunny.
She said it was her mother and we got in a conversation where she told me she'd received a fancy-wrapped chocolate bilby for Easter.

Bilbies are a long-eared little desert marsupials kin to the bandicoot.
Many Australians shun seasonal icons such as reindeers pulling Santa's sleigh (six white boomers in lieu) in favour of the Aussie equivalent, so the chocolate Easter Bilby replaces the Easter Bunny (rabbits are a noxious pest in Australia).

As I began to walk away she informed me that her bilby was a girl, I turned and asked her how she knew it was a girl.
I got the sort of look that said don't tell me I have to educate YOU, old man and she said "because it hasn't got a pen*s".
Now why did I suddenly feel old? Is it because when I was young, kids like me didn't talk in those terms at that age?

Also, research has shown that the first part of a chocolate bunny to get eaten is usually the ears.
If chocolate male Bilbies exist, which part does one nibble off first?

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Sunday 20th April 2014 11:31:18

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Re: I think I'm behind the times ..

#2 Sunday 20th April 2014 16:00:43

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Re: I think I'm behind the times ..

I'll stop laughing soon! Priceless   big_smile  big_smile  big_smile  big_smile


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