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#1 Wednesday 2nd April 2014 21:34:17

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Hi. Are you all busy again?


I'm looking into becoming an ADI.

I've done plenty of reading and spoke with several schools, both local and national. I understand all three parts and what's needed to help pass them.

But I have some questions that no amount of reading is going to answer.

Can people on here tell me of any experiences they're had of ADI training through LDC? And the same for Smart Driving?

Can people recommend any quality local firms/Instructors in and around Grimsby for ADI training? Parts 2 & 3.

Is anyone also in a position to tell me which Driving Schools in and around Grimsby are genuinely busy?

If an ADI isn't ORDIT registered, is it a sign their ADI training isn't up to a high standard? And how can you tell if it isn't?

Presuming I've checked all their small print - Given your expereince as Instructors in the business, do you recommend; Local franchise, National franchise or go it alone?

If it helps with answering the last question. I'm driven, self motivated, thorough, hard working and can be a determined son on 'gun'. Was going to drop the other option in there, but I've only just introduced myself and don't really want to get into trouble just yet. wink

Can I really expect 30 hours or more from a national or local franchise in say 5/6 months time when I'm hoping to have passed of my Part 3?

It sounds like most franchised Instructors bookings come through themselves too. Is this a fair assessment?

Have you found the national and local schools to give the long-term Instructors the largest slice of the bookings first - once topped up a little they then start passing the surplus out, or genuinely operate a cab rank system?

And the big one, is the business picking up again for you all? Unlike a few years ago, do you believe things are genuinely looking better?

Have read that hanging out at my local test centre will help with meeting ADI's, which sounds like a good idea. So apart from doing just that and being told to stop bothering the grown-ups, can anyone help with the above?

Oh, and hello, tis my first post here.


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Wednesday 2nd April 2014 21:34:17

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Re: Hi. Are you all busy again?

#2 Thursday 3rd April 2014 04:16:33

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Re: Hi. Are you all busy again?

You have asked all the right questions. If you have savings of at least £10k to pay your training fees and bills while qualifying, no dependents or mortgage, I would advise you to go ahead. If you have a family to support, mortgage to pay etc. I would strongly advise you to find another career. The success rate for parts 1-3 is very low. It is a very competitive industry and it is hard to establish yourself as an independent. Train with a big school, get established, then go it alone. Don't sign any loan agreements to fund your training, you should be able to pay as you go. ADIs are leaving the industry but if you can get started during the tail end of this recession, you should do well as the economy improves.


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Re: Hi. Are you all busy again?

Take it in stages.      Don't pay any large amount up front to anyone.  You can pass part one on your own if you are committed enough.  Then find a good independent ADI trainer who can guide you through part 2.

Part 3 is the most difficult and this is where you will need lots of good training to get through.  I wouldn't use a big sausage factory, but stick with a recommended independent ADI trainer where you can pay as you go, and will let you train at your pace rather than the sausage factory who  is looking for quick turnover to keep the cash flowing.  There are plenty of excellent independent trainers around  who aren't ordit registered.

Don't think about  whether to go independent or franchise until you get through part 2, that is still some distance away and  the demand for lessons will change during that time.    Then you will need some very good advice to help you make further decisions.

And finally,  NEVER EVER sign a contract for training without reading it thoroughly, and getting some advice if there is something you aren't sure of in the contract.   If the company won't give you a copy of the contract to look at before signing it's because they are hiding something.


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Re: Hi. Are you all busy again?

I trained with LDC and was very impressed with their training.
I also stayed with them for 8 1/2 years before going alone.

As for work i only do 30 lessons per week (Mon-Fri 9.15-5.15 since April 2012) and apart from the odd cancellation or non booking due to other commitments (work/holiday etc) i have been fairly constant. I am at the moment turning work away due to being oversubscribed, or because students are asking for lessons out of my working hours. As my wife works full time, 25 hours a week keeps our family financially stable so the weeks i do 26-30 hours that is a bonus. I have 5 weeks a year off and those are in school holidays due to my children being at school and my wife also works in a school as teaching assistant so i can only really have school holidays off.
I have been instructing since july 2003, and find working for myself so much more appealing.


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