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#1 Monday 3rd March 2014 09:12:29

martin Williams
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oscar pistorius trial

What amazes me is that the press are talking of him continuing with his career if he is found not guilty of murder. The way I see it is that he has admitted shooting his girlfriend dead but said it was an accident. Now if that is the case (which is up to the judge to decide) surly he will get a prison sentence anyway as he should have taken more care making sure it was a burglar in the house and not just his girlfriend who was using the toilet.


Monday 3rd March 2014 09:12:29

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Re: oscar pistorius trial

#2 Monday 3rd March 2014 15:21:01

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Re: oscar pistorius trial

This is South Africa. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the person in the bathroom was black and actually a burglar.

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#3 Thursday 6th March 2014 08:00:18

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Re: oscar pistorius trial

Pulled the trigger four times by mistake! Hmmmmm


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