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#1 Wednesday 29th January 2014 15:26:25

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Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!


Having one of those days just failed my part 2 for the third time on not looking over right shoulder enough, and emergency stop apparently i was not heavy on the brake, it was pouring with rain!!

anyway my fault, my problem is I have paid RED £2,500 for all 3 parts and obviously now i don't need them for part 3 and i am not sure if i will try again in 2 years!

I am trying to get some money back what are the chances has anyone else has this experience.

Please help


X sad


Wednesday 29th January 2014 15:26:25

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!

#2 Wednesday 29th January 2014 19:19:23

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!

Firstly sorry you failed your part 2 a third time thats disappointing, a couple of questions and points though!

How much of a gap was there between each of your tests? How many hours remedial lessons were taken? Were you assessed and told you were ready for the tests?

The reason I ask is simple, to fail the part 2 driving test on 3 occasions suggests either you were not having your driving critiqued properly, or you were not listening to what you were being told and applying it to your driving!

You say you failed for not looking over right shoulder enough, what is required is for you to carry out effective observations before moving your vehicle, so my next question is, was this explained to you and did you understand what was required?

"You were not heavy enough on the brake!", suggests you did not stop the car effectively, but you say it was raining, to be honest that is not an excuse, if a child rides a bike out in front of you in the rain you have to stop the car effectively.

Did you elect to take these tests of your own volition, or were you advised to take them or advised not to? To get the bottom of this situation we need a more in depth account of the lead up to the tests and how you arrived for 3 tests which quite obviously you were not ready for.

Either you or someone else or both has got things wrong!


#3 Wednesday 29th January 2014 21:10:24

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!

Reasons for failing aside, you asked if their was a chance of getting some money back. I seriously doubt it. You need to read the small print on the contract you signed for the training package. Most will have a clause which says no refund will be given if for any reason the trainee cannot complete the training. It is always better to pay as you go when training to become an ADI as given the pass rate most PDI's will not complete the training. This is where the bigger training companies make their money.
Sorry to be the bringer of bad news.


#4 Wednesday 29th January 2014 22:27:52

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!

My mate was a trainer with Red, he said he was fed up telling people they were not up to test standard because they had not corrected obvious faults. No chance of money back.


#5 Thursday 30th January 2014 11:09:52

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!


Think of it this way, you now have time to improve your driving sufficiently to pass the part 2. You can do this on your own, use the DL25's to see where the problems are. When you feel your ready ask a good ADI to assess you for test. As far as I remember  the clock starts the day you pass your part 1 so you don't have to wait 2 years to retake 1&2. once you have done this you could go back to RED to complete your training or you could train PAYG with a good ADI. Obviously you will have to pass part 3 under the new standards test though.

As Mentor has said, the pass rate is low. Listen to what your being told by the SE's, read the DL25's, there must be other faults also there you can correct. Don't give up simply because you haven't passed part 2. How can the DVSA allow you to teach driving if they can see your not up to standard yourself.

Work hard at it and you WILL get there.

Part 1 98%
Part 2 Clean sheet
Part 3 2nd attempt
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Second check test grade 5


#6 Thursday 30th January 2014 12:57:02

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Re: Just failed my part 2 for the 3rd time!!!!

What a great positive post. Nice to see.  smile

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