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#1 Monday 13th January 2014 14:42:57

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Unclear split

I have a home communications package which includes home phone, internet and TV.  The billing that the supplier provides is unclear (as I suspect it is with most other suppliers).  Essentially I pay for the phone, get a massive discount for the TV and pay a reduced rate for the internet.  However, the amount that each costs is not clear.

I only have the home phone for business.  It is hardly, if ever, used for outgoing calls since there is no need.  I cannot get rid of the home phone because it is used for the business and, if I do, I have to pay more for the TV and Internet package.  The internet is used in the majority for business although not exclusively. 

How does HMRC consider this?  Are they going to be very specific about how the split is handled or do they just take a loose view?


Monday 13th January 2014 14:42:57

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Re: Unclear split

#2 Monday 13th January 2014 16:40:41

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Re: Unclear split

What they will be looking for is a "reasonable estimate" for the business part of the expense.


#3 Monday 13th January 2014 18:34:45

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Re: Unclear split

I hve a similar package. I know roughly how much I pay for each ie Phone, Internet and TV. I claim 20% of both phone and Internet as my part of the business use. HMRC appear happy with that.


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