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#1 Wednesday 6th November 2013 13:19:42

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Trading names.


Parts 1&2 out of the way, part 3 soon. Introduction posted here today.

Can anyone tell me, please, are trading names in some way copyright or can an individual sole trader use any name even if that name is already in use by another in the same industry?


(As an aside, I thought New Kid Onthe Block was a good name but my wife thought that NKOB might not sit well on the roof box so I am now seriously looking for a more  appropriate name.)


Wednesday 6th November 2013 13:19:42

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Re: Trading names.

#2 Wednesday 6th November 2013 14:05:21

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Re: Trading names.

If you use the same name as another business they can take legal action against you.

There is something called "passing off" which means a business is pretending to be another business to take advantage of their name and reputation.

My advise would be to concentrate on passing the part 3 test.

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#3 Wednesday 6th November 2013 21:18:21

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Re: Trading names.

I fully agree with reddragonbus, don't worry too much about names yet, work towards that part 3.
But when you do decide to pick, I personally wouldn't go for nkob.  You're not going to be the New Kid forever are you?    smile


#4 Wednesday 6th November 2013 22:25:42

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Re: Trading names.

I think you will find that it is covered in the Driving Instructors Handbook - nothing stopping you from putting your own name on headboard. Mate of mine tried BSM ( standing for bobs sch of M) and had a very interesting letter as a result LOL.  A snazzy name ie Roadcraft, Town name etc allows you to pass/sell on the business or expand.



#5 Thursday 7th November 2013 01:25:59

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Re: Trading names.

Also those with dyslexia might mentally swap the n & k when reading it.

I don't see anything wrong with considering your trading name this early in your intended career (as long as it doesn't interfere with you working towards your Part 3).
When I went indie I picked Zipper's Driving School to get me started, intending to change to a less weird trading name when I got settled and had given it more thought. ("Zipper" is a nickname I've had since school, even when I worked for the government I sometimes got official mail addressed to Zipper).

I never got round to changing it, sometimes I wish I had given it more thought.

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#6 Thursday 7th November 2013 06:29:14

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Re: Trading names.

Before finaly deciding on the name it would be wise to see if suitable domain names are available, as you will likely want a website at some point.

BTW "" is available at 2.99 GBP big_smile



#7 Thursday 7th November 2013 09:52:18

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Re: Trading names.

My driving school abbreviates to ASM - I was considering the tag line "One better than BSM" but decided it might prompt a letter or two... lol


#8 Thursday 7th November 2013 22:35:05

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Re: Trading names.

BSM are such a spent force these days I would doubt it. smile

If you can prove it then use it.

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