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#1 Tuesday 20th August 2013 07:06:42

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In Car Cameras

Does anyone use a camera to film inside the car? Not interested in dual lenses just want to film inside the car for lessons especially for instructor training so sound quality needs to be good.
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Tuesday 20th August 2013 07:06:42

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Re: In Car Cameras

#2 Wednesday 21st August 2013 15:32:57

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Re: In Car Cameras

If you're looking for interior only, then ebay may be a good place to look. Alternatively, try looking at ones aimed at taxi drivers as they're after the same sort of thing.

Most of the ones I've seen for Instructors have included a front facing camera in addition to the interior one, so it might be worth looking at.

A few months ago I wrote a short article on cameras for an online magazine that might help a little. You can take a look at the in-car camera article on my blog...

Personally I only do the outside as it's less hassle with data protection (no sound recorded either) and some pupils asked not to be recorded. However for Instructor training I can see how it may be useful.

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#3 Thursday 22nd August 2013 16:59:42

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Re: In Car Cameras

Try looking on the Roadhawk website for a good quality all round camera with 2 yr warranty and it does mean it not that you need it with their cameras.


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