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#1 Friday 19th July 2013 22:38:19

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Licence to kill - BBC3 Wed 17th

Worth a watch, I thought.  Bit of a tear-jerker, hard-hitting even since it delved (pried?) very deep into the consequences of crashes.
Will/can such a programme make a difference to drivers' (young and not so young) attitude to driving, to speed ("30 is boring") and to their speed choices?  Will you be encouraging your pupils, sons/daughters to watch it?
Will it pull some drivers back from the top of the risk pyramid? - the programme showed only top-end-of-the-pyramid risk-taking - so will those who watch it feel that it is relevant for them?
Would showing a handful of "more ordinary" or lower-level crashes and their consequences have made more drivers identify their own risk-taking and deprived them of any chance of thinking "I'd never do that, that would never be me!" and "I don't need to reconsider my driving/speed choices".  Or is it the case that nothing works on TV unless it is high-level material that screams off the screen?
I do not subscribe to the over-simplistic catchphrase "Speed Kills" but can just one programme survive the onslaught of a petrol-head diet served up by wall-to-wall series of Jeremy Buffoon et al showing on BBC2 and Dave?

More questions than answers, sorry.

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Friday 19th July 2013 22:38:19

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Re: Licence to kill - BBC3 Wed 17th

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Re: Licence to kill - BBC3 Wed 17th


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