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#1 Saturday 15th June 2013 14:04:49

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Citroen Ds3 question

Picked up my Citroen ds3 last week, which I am leasing and have found that after installing the dual controls they have left off the footwell covers which hold the mood lighting . Does anyone know if these footwell covers can't be put back on. The dealer never mentioned anything about it. Thanks for your help in advance .


Saturday 15th June 2013 14:04:49

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Re: Citroen Ds3 question

#2 Saturday 15th June 2013 15:19:31

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Re: Citroen Ds3 question

Why not phone the dealership and ask them.  They are the experts.


#3 Saturday 15th June 2013 15:42:37

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Re: Citroen Ds3 question

Same problem with the Peugeot 208, he-man installer said they could not be re fitted so I would imagine it's similar in the DS3. He did however keep the lights connected and used cable ties to hold them in place out of sight but still work fine.

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#4 Saturday 15th June 2013 17:32:06

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Re: Citroen Ds3 question

I am on my 2nd DS3 and both of mine had the covers refitted so maybe they couldn't be bothered with yours.


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