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Shetland pupil moving to Sutton on Trent, Notts.

Hi, I have a pupil here in Shetland who will be moving down to Sutton on Trent, Notts on June 8th. She has her theory test booked up here for a few days' time, but assuming she passes that (no reason why she shouldn't), it's extremely unlikely she will be able to get a practical test date in before she moves away.

Some background on this pupil - She lives on the most northerly isle of the UK, and she is self-taught (you can happily drive around yourself on L plates as long as you like on the outlying islands), so that when she first came to me a couple of months ago, we had to do a lot of work to get her using her left foot for clutch only (as she was braking with it, too - don't ask...).

Anyway, she is now of a good standard and we did a mock last week where she did very well. She wants to take her test ASAP and so I have advised her that I will do my best to try to find her an ADI in the Sutton on Trent area, so that she can continue with lessons and hopefully get a test in in the near future. As I said, she is pretty much ready for the test here in Lerwick, but here we cannot practice things such as bus lanes, dual carriageways, box junctions, etc, so she would have a few more things to learn before test, along with getting used to generally busier roads - even if we did somehow manage to get her through her test up here in the next couple of weeks, she would still need some lessons to drive confidently in Nottinghamshire.

If any ADI on here works the Sutton on Trent area, and thinks they might be able to take on this pupil, please let me know.

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Saturday 25th May 2013 11:15:18

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Re: Shetland pupil moving to Sutton on Trent, Notts.

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Re: Shetland pupil moving to Sutton on Trent, Notts.

She is in for a big shock, the higher skill needed, that she will be no longer in the middle of nowhere.


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