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#1 Thursday 25th October 2012 09:41:34

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Driving Instructor Websites - Lesson 2 - Sitemaps

Ok so now we have our robots tag set up correctly, we have the phrases we want to get up onto Google for in our title, description and keywords tags so the next thing we need to do is get a sitemap up and running.

Sitemaps give information to Google Bot on where to crawl the site and how to crawl it. A website will still be crawled by Google without a sitemap but Google can crawl a website more 'effectively' with a sitemap, not having one in place can have a negative effect on SEO.

How To Get A Sitemap
There are a few different places you can generate a sitemap, a lot of drag and drop website builders online automatically generate a sitemap. Check if you have a sitemap by typing
If you don't have one go to this website follow the instructions (just type in your domain where it says http://) leave the parameters on default and hit start. This will then send a spider out to your website which will crawl your pages in your site and create a sitemap.

Then when your site has been generated you need to download it make sure you down load the sitemap.xml version with the little blue arrow pointing down next to it. Save it to your computer somewhere. Then upload to sitemap to your .root folder where you website is hosted. Publish your site and you should be able to type and see your generated sitemap!

You have successfully generated an XML sitemap for Google Bot!

Fire away Lou! smile


Thursday 25th October 2012 09:41:34

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Re: Driving Instructor Websites - Lesson 2 - Sitemaps

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Re: Driving Instructor Websites - Lesson 2 - Sitemaps

Posting all this FREE information is great, but not for the purpose of promoting your product or services, please refrain from doing so.


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