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#1 Thursday 18th October 2012 14:31:30

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DS3 reviews????

Hello as the tittle says has any one got any reviews on the DS3?

I am thinking of swaping my 1.4d fiesta for the 1.6d DS3 and was wondering what its actual like on a lesson? thx in addvance


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Thursday 18th October 2012 14:31:30

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Re: DS3 reviews????

#2 Friday 19th October 2012 07:29:43

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Re: DS3 reviews????

I have never read much, or heard from instructors with one, anything other than excellent reports.

Having said that I did try one, personally found the suspension too firm for long days in the passenger seat, don't like three doors, found vision a little restricted and the model I looked at  had expensive low profile alloys  and tyres.

So comparing it to the current C3 which at the time I leased, I plumped to purchase a C3, might not have the same street cred, but fits my requiremnets better.

Not to mention there is/was little discounting on the DS3 so my C3 was in the region of 4.5k cheaper! I appreciate though that DS3 will ultimately have a higher proportional resale value.

That said, sure I am in the minority, as always!


#3 Friday 19th October 2012 07:56:58

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Re: DS3 reviews????

Lots of Instructors in my area have DS3's and there seem to be some good lease deals around however its a fairly new model and never having had a Citroen I dont know how durable it may be compared to the Mini I currently run.

I also tend to purchase outright and suspect that the residuals arent as good as the Mini, though im sure someone will tell me otherwise!
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