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part 3 phase 2

so onto phase 2.
Turning left and right, she said she was fine and didn’t have any problems with them,  i was just to take her out to let her drive round as she has a test next week...hmmmm very evasive with answers so, asked her a few general ones, MSPSL etc, which mirrors etc, answered all correctly
Got on the  drive to see what happens.
First fault, no right mirror checks for right turns.  Sorted that one out. smile
Then coasted round the corner in 3rd gear,  and she was very pleased she had managed to do it!  I said about the consequence and what would happen to the speed of car etc, didn’t happen again.   big_smile
Next fault was no left mirror checks, also going passed parked cars.  Explained that this is part of the routine and i must have explained why she should do it, but don’t remember saying...... do remember asking her which mirrors she will be checking and fault went away, so seemed to solve it. Maybe she got sick of me asking which mirror she should check.. roll
Bit of an issue with right turn positioning, so asked her about her ref point, i  think i was too vague here with explaining why she should position in a certain place, bit did show her where to stop using her reference point.
So we were heading back to the test centre and she threw me a life line by saying “can i ask you a question? How  do know i have time to turn right across oncoming cars?  (glad of the lifeline cos had missed this), roll explained the walk across rule, she seemed happy with that,
Last turn into the TC and i thought i had done it,  nothing can go wrong now, big_smile  big_smile .... just as we went to turn,  a car pulled out from a car park on our left into our path, , she “panicked” and asked what to do, i said to stop, which she did.  He then waved us across. 
Gave a quick debrief at the end, very rushed really, but missed the opportunity to ensure she understood walk across rule, that last turn was a perfect opportunity which i didn’t take.  (so obvious again now!) roll also she said she drove over a drop kerb twice on a left turn, didn’t spot that one, so got a 4 for identification, and only a 4 for analysis. And a 5 for remedial action.. so overall a 4...
Learns i had from phase 2 
If you use a prompt card, check it regularly!!
Do more checking that they have understood. Ask more questions.
Ask them the question before they can do the fault, it works great to stop them doing it!!
Tell them WHY...I definitely should have done that more.

But am now passed and looking forward to my check test...
hope this has been some help to someone... big_smile

Part 1 04/11/11 99/63 big_smile
part 2 12/12/11 first time 4 minors smile
part 3 04/07/12 first time 4/4. big_smile
Check test grade 4


Sunday 8th July 2012 11:43:39

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Re: part 3 phase 2

#2 Sunday 8th July 2012 13:29:55


Re: part 3 phase 2

Again Tiamaria well done and thanks for taking the time to write this.

Do more checking that they have understood. Ask more questions.

So you also believe it is important to ask questions.

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