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#1 Monday 24th October 2011 16:49:28

A-class academy
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Red has lost it!!

Hi All

What is Red doing with pdi’s- when there been taken over and now just lost it!!

I have got lots of complaints now, more then before at part one, two and three.

Red had trainers that was working together and regulate them self’s to there standard. But now they turned into franchised-mixed learners and Adi training.

They get more for PDi work for failing or milking them for there lesson/session fees, as they get cought out in there PDi programme.

I have found sub-standard approach and they are telling pdi’s to buy other peoples work!!!!! as they don’t have to put to much input of them self’s.

When I try to teach the correct way they all say ‘what a waste of time and money ‘ with Red!!!

Finding out this, not only wasted there money, as they struggle to pay up front fees, but they running out of time.

I think, I should complain to ‘Watch Dog’ as many of the lost there fees of £4,000 as the company went under, and PDis was not told.

They was just told ’Hard Cheese’ as the company went bust!!! But still trading!!!

Drop me a line if you find the same as me.




Monday 24th October 2011 16:49:28

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Re: Red has lost it!!

#2 Monday 24th October 2011 17:58:32

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Re: Red has lost it!!

A good explantion in English would help?


#3 Monday 24th October 2011 19:13:11

From: Greater Manchester
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Re: Red has lost it!!


Is English your first language, because this makes very little sense. I'm not being critical, I would like to help you but I don't understand your post. :?

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#4 Monday 24th October 2011 19:19:11

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Re: Red has lost it!!

Even if it was in English is anyone interested.


#5 Monday 24th October 2011 21:13:18

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Re: Red has lost it!!

Be nice ...not everyones

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#6 Tuesday 25th October 2011 21:55:35

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Re: Red has lost it!!

MB may not be educated to such a high standard but rather than ridicule like ignorant buffoons, try and get the meaning or ask for more information. Please don't lower this forum to playground level.

A bit of banter is fair enough but c'mon guys; I thought this was a professional forum.

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#7 Wednesday 26th October 2011 07:42:49

Hilary Hughes
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Re: Red has lost it!!

I'm interested to know why the post has been put up in two of the sections of the forum. Is this common for certain threads?


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#8 Wednesday 26th October 2011 13:49:06

The Saint
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Re: Red has lost it!!

Hi A-Class

I'm sure if you read your post again, you'll realise it's a bit jumbled.

Maybe just highlight one or two areas of concern in another post and people will respond with their take on it.

Just trying to help...

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#9 Friday 28th October 2011 21:11:27

From: Ipswich, Kesgrave, Woodbridge.
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Re: Red has lost it!!

Had a phone call from a new pupil today they had 4 lessons book then they had their test I said what happened, she stated he was a RED Instructor and he was just weard!!

Should I ask or not.


#10 Thursday 26th April 2012 19:31:53

From: peterborough
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Re: Red has lost it!!

thanks for your post on the forum, i agree as most of the replys on red forum are about this subject.

Thanks cool



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