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#1 Saturday 20th August 2011 09:06:20

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Passed 1st Time !!

I passed my driving test two weeks ago at the first attempt...I'm astonished as I really mucked up my parallel park (the one I really did not want to get), I tried really hard not to let if affect me and just told the examiner I wanted to start it again. I did it again and it was still a dogs dinner (in my eyes), but when we got back to the test centre to my complete surprise he told me I'd passed with 9 minors !! I couldn't believe it.

It took me 4 months and 3 weeks from start to finish, I had 40 lessons and did two one hour lessons each week which really helped me as there were no big gaps. I just want to encourage any older drivers out there...I'm 54 and believe me if I can do it anyone can. As well as an amazing driving instructor,  I found a brilliant DVD called 'Drive The DVD' which takes you through the leaner syllabus, I found it a brilliant aid to compliment my lessons. I also kept pouring over the highway code and another book called 'How to pass your driving test'. It really did pay for me.

I now have a lovely little Citroen C3 sitting on my drive, but must admit I'm very nervous about driving alone, I've done a couple of little trips and some bigger more complicated ones with my sister sitting by my side. I'm sure the nervousness will go the more trips I take..but think doing familiar small trips will get my confidence up (hopefully). Good luck to everybody learning and to those who have tests coming up.  smile


Saturday 20th August 2011 09:06:20

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Re: Passed 1st Time !!

#2 Saturday 20th August 2011 10:19:54

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Re: Passed 1st Time !!

Well done you, it looks like you really put everything into it and it paid off.


#3 Saturday 20th August 2011 17:44:37

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Re: Passed 1st Time !!

Congratulations, take it one step at a time, keep to local areas then gradually expand out, enjoy and happy motoring  smile


#4 Saturday 20th August 2011 18:02:10

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Re: Passed 1st Time !!

Well done smile I've been taking lessons for ages now but only feel like I am making progress recently. I have the "Driving Skills Manual" from AA, "How to pass your theory test" by AA and "How to Pass your Driving Test" from AA, as well as the AA Highway Code, DSA Highway Code, multiple Theory test Nintendo DS games, AA Theory Test disc, BSM Theory Test disc, "DSA Official Guide to Hazard Perception" and some other "Driving Test" one. I think I have bought pretty much everything possible lol spent so much. I have also just bought that Drive the DVD you mentioned off eBay and will give it a watch smile


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