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#26 Monday 11th July 2011 17:52:36

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Re: Appalled

And when you do challenge such statements some of those challenges then get deleted. So is this a forum where everyone must agree with everyone else?

I can assure no nothing has been deleted from this thread.  Please do not drag other issues into this thread turning this one into a bickering competition.


Monday 11th July 2011 17:52:36

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Re: Appalled

#27 Wednesday 13th July 2011 21:35:03

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Re: Appalled

What nobody has mentioned yet that is also a factor in the vehicles speedometer reading, is the different rolling circumference of a new tyre against a worn tyre.  A new tyre has a larger rolling circumference so will give a slightly lower speed reading than a tyre at or near the legal tread limit which will then be rotating faster to cover the same distance. 
Under construction and use regulations the vehicle speedo needs to be within 10% accurate.  Yes the manufacturers tend to set them at 10% high to make some allowance for tyre wear affecting the reading and to avoid Joe public trying to sue them when they get caught speeding.  There is however no legal requirement for the speed reading on your satnav to be accurate by any amount, you are relying on the software which is not always 100% accurate to be consistent and the reliability of having at least 3 satellites picking you up in order to triangulate your position and relate your relevant speed.  One dropped signal (blocked by a building, trees etc) and your satnav reading is then calculated by the software inside it calculating it on what you were travelling at previously.  Satnav speed readings are not guaranteed but are generally close, but unless you have had your satnav calibrated with 3 good signals you cannot rely on it to be accurate and if you have had it calibrated it was only accurate at the point it was calibrated. 

Just because I'm a driving instructor, it doesn't make me a dual control freak.


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