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#1 Sunday 17th April 2011 18:35:32

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ORDIT Registration

Hello everyone, just a quick question, I've signed a franchise contract but I'm not getting any pupils from the driving school and am looking for a way out as all is not as promised, the trainer they have assigned for my free part 3 training is not ORDIT registered, should he be? hopefully this will be my get out clause.
Many thanks in advance


Sunday 17th April 2011 18:35:32

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Re: ORDIT Registration

#2 Monday 18th April 2011 08:19:50

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Re: ORDIT Registration

Not unless the contract or advertising stipulates that your trainer is ORDIT registered.

ORDIT registration is not a requirement for part 3 training.
Legally, The trainer doesn't even have to be an ADI to train for part 3.


#3 Tuesday 26th April 2011 21:35:44

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Re: ORDIT Registration

I am currently training with an independant grade 6 adi and grade 6 ordit trainer does your trainer need to be ordit? no as it stands just now any one can teach a pdi to be an instructor even if the only passed there driving test recently thats part of the reason the test pass rates or so low

A grade 6 adi will be great at teaching learner not neccessarily great at training someone to teach a learner also the way learners are taught to do maneuvers is different from pdis.

ordit is not compulsary at the moment but it is one way of ensuring that you get some quality of training and if you can get a grade 6 ordit then you will not go far wrong.

If i was you i would be trying to get out that contract as your chances of passing part 3 with them will be slim.

i hope this helps

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