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#1 Friday 25th February 2011 09:49:32

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Corporate manslaughter … ction.html

I hope all the fleet managers are reading.............

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Friday 25th February 2011 09:49:32

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Re: Corporate manslaughter

#2 Friday 25th February 2011 17:17:00

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Re: Corporate manslaughter

Corporate Manslaughter was all the talk even when I was running a fleet 10 years ago.  Has anyone ever been convicted due to an RTA yet?   My guess is, until something happens in this area, they'll all faff about doing nothing.


#3 Friday 25th February 2011 21:18:25

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Re: Corporate manslaughter

If anyone is looking for a massive influx of work because of a Corp. Manslaughter (RTC at work) case  it may be a long wait - the CPS will act decisively on a high-profile case but one may not come along too quickly.

What would make a difference to our workload is if an at-work RTC had to reported/recorded under RIDDOR
Currently, if a driver falls off his truck in his loading bay and breaks his ankle the incident is recorded
If the same driver breaks an ankle in an at-work RTC there is no requirement to report it under RIDDOR.
I.e. No broader consequences, no follow-through or oversight from outside the company itself.

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#4 Sunday 27th February 2011 10:10:41

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Re: Corporate manslaughter

It's generally accepted that the police will take the lead on fatal RTC's. There is now a section in the Road Deaths Investigation Manual relating to the role of the HSE should the police deem the fatality to be work related.
HSE have now amended their policies regarding road vehicles and they are now part of the workplace.
The noose is tightening but I agree it, could be a long wait.


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