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#1 Tuesday 12th October 2010 12:39:08

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First ID test at Reigate TC

Pupil was asked to do a TIR and then drive on then stop on left in a convenient place.
Examiner explained we will be doing independent drive for approx 10 minutes and will inform when it is over.
He asked my pupil to turn right at the end of the road, then follow signs to Gatwick until he gives further directions.
After turning right, there was another right turn, followings signs to Gatwick then a roundabout which the signeage board was snapped so no directions were visible.  Examiner said that road sign was snapped so at the roundabout turn left which is for Gatwick.
Followed to more roundabouts, one of which was ahead, and the other was left.
Examiner then said that is the end of the independent drive and will now revert back to giving directions.  This was said on the move.
Pupil passed, one driver fault, for exceeding the speed limit when overtaking a cyclist.  This was her first test (and last!)


Tuesday 12th October 2010 12:39:08

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Re: First ID test at Reigate TC

#2 Tuesday 12th October 2010 15:02:27

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Re: First ID test at Reigate TC

Good stuff and congrats on result.

I can now imagine that tomorrow there will be a procession of driving school cars driving from Reigate all following the signs to Gatwick!  tongue


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