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#1 Wednesday 14th April 2010 17:51:06

on board training

Driver Trainers Seminar Thursday 6th may 2010 in Scotland


I am hosting a Driver Trainers' all day Seminar as well as an evening presentation near on Thursday 6th May 2010 within the Shawlands Park Hotel located on A71 near Junction 8 of M74, with guest speakers: Aeneas MacRitchie from the Driving Instructors' Scottish Council giving a presentation on the 'Modernising Driver Training' working Group and Stephen Haley, author of Mind Driving giving a presentation on 'Novice Driver Crash Risk', ‘The Essential Thinking Skills’ & ‘Pre Driving Mindset’.

The day’s seminar will be suitable for those involved in Driver Training, Education,  Youth Work and Road Safety and the evening presentation will be suitable for the aforementioned as well as drivers and pre-driving age teenagers and their parents.

This will be the first time that on board training has extended it’s all day instructors’ meeting to a seminar with invites to interested parties out-with our business and will be the first that the author Stephen Haley has given presentations and workshops in Scotland. He will be doing a 2hr presentation during the day which he will then repeat at night.

This is a 'not for profit' event and will have appropriate certificates for CPD and ADI Records of Achievement forms.

A nominal fee of £25 for the daytime Seminar and £10 for the evening Presentation to go towards costs. The event is 'ticket only'.

See attached document for information or call me on 08009993009.

Brian Smith

Wednesday 14th April 2010 17:51:06

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Re: Driver Trainers Seminar Thursday 6th may 2010 in Scotland

#2 Thursday 15th April 2010 08:20:17

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Re: Driver Trainers Seminar Thursday 6th may 2010 in Scotland

nice to see another ADI doing something on the CPD front brian, well done. I thought i was the only one. Hope it goes well,, i may give you a call and attend, looks to be a good day.



#3 Thursday 15th April 2010 12:25:27

on board training

Re: Driver Trainers Seminar Thursday 6th may 2010 in Scotland

Hi Ray,

I have been doing CPD for our own instructors since we started in 2002, and labelled it as such since 2005, but this is the first we have opened it up to others outwith the business.

Our own instructors are doing a full day workshop with Stephen Haley on a 10:1 ratio with him on 3 other days the same week and as you see he is the main speaker for the 6th. Our own instructors will be attending the daytime event on the 6th as well as we normally provide 2 full days CPD each year for them anyway.

We have a good number of spaces left for the evening but only about 20-25 for the daytime Seminar as there is a limit on both events to 80-90 participants. We have kept costs down and the event may cost us but we are trying to cover our costs. I realise that, if like some, you charge more for self employed instructors to attend an event there will only be a smaller number who still realise the benefits, by keeping the costs down it at least makes it more accessible to more and goes some way to helping instructors keep up to date.

Most ADIs are doing some form of CPD whether they realise it or not but to get the best from it and to keep up to date it is good to attend this type of event.

The good thing about Stephen Haley and his Skilldriver research and Mind Driving book, is he has been looking at this for 14yrs or so and many of what he has been speaking about is now being looked at seriously by the 'powers that be' and can be seen in the new DSA Driving and Riding Standards documents and also the EU Hermes Coaching project - and better when you realise he is looking at it from outside the industry as he is not a driving instructor or teacher/coach.


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