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#1 Sunday 21st February 2010 20:40:42

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Help with the ordit exam

Hi all. I am going to take the ordit exam next month and not sure what to work on. My pdi needs a lot of work on talthrough and help with analyzing faults so would I base my exam on this as this is the need of the pupil. I was told to work on a pst but this may look like I am just trying to get her through the part3 but not pinpointing the real weaknesses.

I know I am being marked on my core competencies and how would I structure the points I have mentioned above. Please help.


Sunday 21st February 2010 20:40:42

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Re: Help with the ordit exam

#2 Sunday 21st February 2010 21:27:34

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Re: Help with the ordit exam

What will your pdi's needs be at the time of your test? know that and you know what you should be covering. To work on talk through and analysis would still require a topic, so the advice to be guided by a pst shouldn't be discarded completely from your list of options.


#3 Monday 22nd February 2010 08:41:46

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Re: Help with the ordit exam

Off the top of my head you will also need:
a) to prove that your course material is structured an suitable for training a PDI,   
b) to have records training that clearly identify the the lesson content and the PDI's performance (strengths and weaknesses)
c) Training terms and conditions,training objectives (including PDI support)for parts 1,2, & 3.
If you need any more info feel free to send me a PM 

I am a former Police Driving Instructor and Ex DSA ADI examiner. My qualifications include: BTEC Level 4 Police Driving Skills, BTEC Level 3 in Teaching Advanced driving, NVQ A1 Assessors awrard, DIAmond advanced test, RoSPA gold, Cardington A. I am a grade 6 DSA Instructor, fleet trained and a Class 1 Police Driver.


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