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#1 Tuesday 5th January 2010 12:52:31

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part three help

Hi to every body on here and as i am new to this i do hope some body on here will help me .

i have been training to be a driving instructor and have passed my part one and two first time .

i have had about ten hours on part three but the trouble i am having is how i write the briefings i have tried a number off ways but i just seem to be getting it wrong all the time i would like to know is there any thing on line so i can use and print out .

also i have not had any lessons on part three since Nov 1st due to me having a total knee replacement and still having trouble with knee and don't know when i will be driving again so any thing on line or any info any body can help me with would be great for me


Tuesday 5th January 2010 12:52:31

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Re: part three help

#2 Tuesday 5th January 2010 13:34:45

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Re: part three help

Hi you can do a lot worse than trawling through this site for info, and also try this man's site, he is a genius and has forgotten more than most know.

Hope this helps Ev


#3 Tuesday 5th January 2010 15:13:54

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Re: part three help

21 Everyone goes through these moments during their training. When I am giving a Part 3 lesson I want to hear in simple terms what the main points are of the subject being taught. My PDIs all have a presenter with a series of diagrams on it by talking about what you can see on the diagrams usually is more than enough. Dont go into too much detail and know your subject inside out and you will find with practice it will become more natural.


#4 Tuesday 5th January 2010 21:01:59

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Re: part three help

This is a very useful site with loads of real part 3 lessons video'd. You can sign up for free for 48 hours and see what you think.

I found them very useful when doing my part 3 training.

Good luck


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