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#1 Saturday 26th December 2009 09:01:00

Freedom Phil
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A potential fleet customer is asking me about trackers and I have no idea what to say.

He has 6 transit vans and 4 car's, all of which the drivers take home with them.  They aren't supposed to do any personal driving in them, but some do, and he's concerned about it.  He has been approached by a company who will fit a tracker to each vehicle so he can find out exactly where each vehicle goes and when, and he's been quoted 75p per day, per vehicle.  I worked that out for him as £2,737.50 per year.

Obviously I used it as a sales point for me, explaining he was still responsible for how they drive and use the vehicle outside of work hours, and that they may be driving at times when they are at more risk, they may go to a pub and drink and drive ect.  I've almost won him over with the fleet training, but he wants more advice on this tracking system or other systems he can benefit from.

He doesn't want the drivers to think he doesn't trust them so is looking at ways to implement things without their knowledge.  I suggested he tells his drivers they must log all personal mileage for tax reasons, and that he get's stickers to put on the back of the van saying "Police stop this vehicle after 7pm" which he can tell his drivers is a requirement of the insurance company.

At the moment the drivers are supposed to log their mileage at the start of the day - though they often 'forget', but when they do log the mileage it's never checked anyways.   

But if anyone has any other ideas, of advice about vehicle tracking systems ect, I'd be interested in hearing them.


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Saturday 26th December 2009 09:01:00

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Re: trackers

#2 Saturday 26th December 2009 09:59:30

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Re: trackers

If your client wants to go down the route of tracking his vehicles (in-hours as well as) out-of-hours then fitting them with trackers is the obvious way to go.
From memory I would have expected a quote around the level you mention (for his size of fleet.)
The simplest of trackers does nothing more than locate the vehicle, others give a live reading of position and speed and, at the top end, the black boxes record acceleration, braking and steering forces as well. Then there's on-board cameras that record all of this with (allegedly) evidence-grade video of events.

For the drivers of vehicles fitted with basic trackers, I have never encountered any real strength of opposition to them so it seems to me that many just accept and get on with the "big brother aspects" of it after the one-off installation.
If he believes that some/all of his drivers are driving out-of-hours when they should not, a stronger management line should have been taken before now and the secretive installation of the technology does not constitute strong management in my book - but that's a no-go discussion area for a fleet trainer!

None of this technology, in my view, should stop your client engaging your training services, if that's what you are concerned about. Giving your client a fuller picture as to the different technology available ought to bolster his confidence in you in the longer term and that's what gets you ongoing work!

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Re: trackers

I investigated the use of a tracking system in my previous job and I am almost certain they can not be used without warning the drivers they are being used. The system I looked at could flag real time warnings back at base if the vehicle strayed from a set area, exceeded a max speed limit or was being driving outside a set time period amongst others things. We had one driver who we suspected of theft and other activites but if we wanted to use the system as evidence then we had to tell them it was being used.

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Re: trackers

Hi Phil

regarding the cost of the tracker tell him you can offset the cost of the tracker by training out safer and more fuel efficient driving.

as far as telling the workers of the tracker, I'd advise him to be open about it, and that he may get cheaper insurance by doing so.

regarding the mileage, tell him to get the workers to complete a pre-use inspection of the vehicle each day and record this on a pre-set form, this would be handed to the transport office end of play friday, within the form would be the Starting and Finishing mileage of each day.


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