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#1 Sunday 25th October 2009 00:04:15

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changing gear up and down

Does anyone have any good questions to ask a pupil that would get them to think about gear changing without it being a direct hint.  I have tried:

"What gear are we in?" (Pupil then knows they are in the wrong gear and changes up)
Touching the gear (Pupil then knows they are in the wrong gear and changes up)
"What do you think of the engine noise?" (Pupil then knows they are in the wrong gear and changes up)
"What gear should we be in?" (Pupil then knows they are in the wrong gear and changes up)

etc etc

Any question I ask just alerts them to change gear.  I need them to think about the gears by themself.  We've talked about the sound of the engine, the feel of the engine, speed etc during the lesson but without the hint they seem unable to change themselves.  Sometimes I fel that if I never mentioned changing gears some pupils would be content to drive in 2nd or 3rd gear for the whole lesson, even at 30mph. 


Sunday 25th October 2009 00:04:15

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Re: changing gear up and down

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Re: changing gear up and down

I think You need to concentrate on the explanation of gears more before practical stages. In the breifing point out the benefits of correct gear use e.g fuel economy and pollution aspects. Also point out that dsa would expect good use of gears on the driving test. Then in the practical stages you could ask. how many mpg do you think we are doing now? They would give answer. Then you could ask. Is there any way we can improve current fuel economy.Then just tie in the benefits to the enviroment with the previous answer. Hope that helps. C

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Marco Polo
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Re: changing gear up and down

Denis, I know your frustration. About a quarter of my pupils 'forget' which gear they are in (especially going down) and I multi-prompt them to the point I'm sick of hearing my own voice. However, I have discovered an effective technique. Don't say anything. If they leave it in too low a gear for most of the lesson, charge them an extra pound and explain it's for the fuel they have wasted. If they forget to change down, say nothing and just let them bunny hop away from the junction in second or third (as along as it is fairly safe) let them stall in the middle of the road.  :evil: Then, when they look at you just give them the 'Little Britain' shrug of the shoulders. You'd be amazed how quickly they remember.  wink


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Re: changing gear up and down

The point is it would only be a direct prompt if you say change in to third now. So they wouldnt learn anything.

if you use questions to find out their knowledge of the situation and they automatically realise and change gear-question them again and say maybe-is that the correct gear and it makes them think twice. See what they say and then ask more questions why should we be in this gear right now-what sound does the engine make so on and so fourth.
You are doing your job

Things to try

1= 0-10 2 =10-20 3 =20-30 and so on so get them to look at speedo.

make sure the rev counter doesnt exceed say 3000 revs and keep prompting until they get it.

or always keep the revs sound to a dull sound if it sounds high you need to go up-if it sounds low you need toi go down.

For the purposes of a pst thats all you can do is go up and down levels of instruction until they get it right-which they should because as long as you have covered all the possibilities a se should learn quickly.

In real life just nag the hell out of them and as said before a little bit of shame tactic has to be used sometimes.

Tell them your relying on me too much.

Dont let them

Tell them you have lost your voice from continuous prompting

They will not progree and pass their test if they dont try to concentrate on these basic principles. yikes

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Re: changing gear up and down

Thanks for those comments - I shall have a go with my pupils with those suggestions.  Will post how I get on.



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