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#1 Friday 2nd October 2009 12:21:27

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Bill Plant

Can anyone advice if it is a good thing going on a pink with this company.
I have put all the question to them.
I still have doubt in my mind.I am worried about the franchise fee every week.
Why do I have doubt.
Is there any body else on a pink with this company?
Don,t slag me down just need a little advise please.
I do not have my own car.I have looked at it at every angle.
Thank you



Friday 2nd October 2009 12:21:27

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Re: Bill Plant

#2 Friday 2nd October 2009 12:48:05

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Re: Bill Plant

Have you looked at any other schools to compare them with? That would be a good start and in the process you might find something you think suits you better.

Questions you need to ask are what benefits are there being on a franchise with BP (or anyone else for that matter)? What level of training and support will you receive while preparing or Part 3? Will you be tied to a franchise for a minimum period of time after qualifying?

I'm sure others will jump in with more.


#3 Friday 2nd October 2009 13:26:40

Loopy Lou
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Re: Bill Plant

Ask them if you can speak to some of their other instructors in order to get their views on the company, how much support they give you, what the pupil supply is like etc - any school that's confident that they provide a good service to their franchisees won't mind - if they won't let you then there's a good reason for that!

The MOST important thing for PDI's is how well you're supported for the period of your trainee licence. It's very easy to lose sight of the fact that the whole point of it should be to give you experience and a chance to put your learning into practice.

Unfortunately, a lot of schools seem to care more about the franchise fees than they do about the trainee (not saying Bill Plant is like that as I have no experience of them), so go with a sponsoring school that will actively help you become a good ADI, not just pocket your money in return for very little.


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#4 Friday 2nd October 2009 15:51:27

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Re: Bill Plant

Hi Liz, where in the country are you.  I am in a similar boat at the moment and looking for which direction to turn.  PM me if you want to discuss different angles.



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