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#1 Wednesday 11th May 2005 16:49:54


failed again ugh.....

i failed my 1st test 3 weeks ago  for reverse  parking
round a corner thats all plus 11 minors
second test monday gone failed for doing 30 in a 40 zone
leaveing my indicater on to long to pull up at the side of a road
and puting myself in a left lane on a one way street to turn right  cars were parked over road markings so did not see arrow but should have seen sighn i think as i drove into it
but i still think i would have moved over to correct side if id seen road markings plus i had a inspecter in the back and trainie at the front testing me and the other guy testing him i was not happy as it put me of a bit
I think people are nervouse enough with one never mind two in the car anyway im just thinking and hopeing 3rd time lucky
                 b f n and good luck to those who have a test soon suezi big_smile

Wednesday 11th May 2005 16:49:54

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Re: failed again ugh.....

#2 Wednesday 11th May 2005 19:06:23

From: Coulsdon, Surrey
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Re: failed again ugh.....

Oh suzi, Im so sorry, its not surprising you failed, with all those people in the car, no wonder you couldn't get up to 40mph!!!  The weight distribution would definitely had an effect on your performance.
Better luck next time,


#3 Wednesday 11th May 2005 19:42:49


Re: failed again ugh.....

Hi suzi - it is not often that a supervising examiner (or chief examiner) sits in the back so it's not likely to happen again. 
   Gook luck with your next one - you seem to have a good understanding of what failed you so you shouldn't make those mistakes again - a good way to look at it is to remember you passed all the aspects of the test except those marked with a 'serious' fault - so be positive for your next one..............

#4 Wednesday 11th May 2005 20:29:30


Re: failed again ugh.....

hi suzi, i agree with all thats been said above. its really good that you know where you went wrong so you know which of these areas need a bit of developing. good luck with booking up for the next one. you sound so close! lol

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