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#1 Monday 20th July 2009 18:59:15

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Meeting traffic with obstructions on both sides


I just wanted to ask a quick question. What would be the best way of dealing with meeting traffic if the obstructions are on both sides of the road?

I have a general idea, but wanted to see if someone had any other thoughts.

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Monday 20th July 2009 18:59:15

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Re: Meeting traffic with obstructions on both sides

#2 Monday 20th July 2009 19:23:22


Re: Meeting traffic with obstructions on both sides

If you are refering to who has priority then I teach that no one has priority and it depends on the situation who goes through first, has the other driver started to position to pass, or does it look like they are slowing to let you through.

I would say that who ever is further from the obstruction should be prepard to give way and even slow down so the other driver knows you are giving way or if the other vehicle is for example a large vehicle then let them through, especialy if they are traveling uphill.  If unsure it is best to hold back and let the other vehicle through.

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Re: Meeting traffic with obstructions on both sides

I always tell the pupil that if you're unsure, wait and see what the other driver does, it also puts them in control of the situation too, because now they have to make a decision. They will either stop or go through, if they stop ensure the pupil checks their mirrors and get them on the move. If the other person comes through, wait till they are clear and then get on the move after checking those mirrors.

Remember, priority can only be given it cannot be taken.

Sometimes though if it is our right of way, I will tell the pupil to position a little wider than normal and this reinforces your/their intentions, the body language of the car is saying, "I am coming through".

It can be a difficult one because the gap/distance look different from both directions but tell them what you would do....!!! How would you deal with it? Don't forget that they also need to be making progress too so an offensive/defensive driving position can be good.

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