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#1 Wednesday 10th June 2009 13:40:34

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part 1

hi I'm new to this forum.......can some one tell me is it worth going on a pink,will i benefit from it...thanks gu :?ys


Wednesday 10th June 2009 13:40:34

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Re: part 1

#2 Wednesday 10th June 2009 14:14:46

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Re: part 1

Welcome to the forum.
As with so much in life (!) there are pros and cons. To start the ball rolling, pros are it gives you experience teaching and an idea of some of the faults the students and SE may throw your way. It is a benefit long term practicing for when you get your green badge. Down side is it can get your head out of teaching for PSTs and you will expect things to be a little more realistic than it is on your part 3, especially with timings.

Pinks can be poorly managed and leave you open to pressure from your franchise and students, still if properly supported, they can overall be worthwhile. This is a personal opinion and others will tell you differently. Treat it as it is: a "trainee licence" and you shouldn't go far wrong.

Good luck.

Tim Moran - ADI Cornwall -


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