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Think before you post, we were all there once!

Healthy constructive posts are just what this forum is here for, new and old alike to join together and share their own experiences and knowledge with each other which can only serve to make us more well rounded instructors whether Pdi or Adi.

There will be times where some have strong views on what is right and wrong and in these circumstances listing the reasons why you have a particular view and/or  providing links to information we know of means others can weigh up the situation themselves and make informed decisions based on the knowledge given.

Please remember that new members come here for help and guidance, not to feel ridiculed or too worried to actually join in on the boards for fear of getting the always helpful answer of ‘ Ask your trainer for a refund! ‘   Most of us know that training to be an Adi can be a minefield at best and I for one remember  finding this  forum the day after I passed part 1  I know i personally wished I had found it earlier before choosing my training company and setting out on what became one heck of a journey, mainly because having others I could finally share my thoughts with was such a godsend. Anyhow thankfully I found just the support I needed to make it through.

I remember sitting and sifting through the boards for any snippets that might help me along the way and thankfully I found many. Sometimes I would read something and have a different point of view or extra thoughts i wanted to add so I did. It was so helpful to discuss with others different instructional techniques, perhaps a lesson or two that went a tad erm not to plan shall we say! There were days when I wondered what I had let myself in for as my pupil got to the footbrake before I managed to on her first lesson as I watched the pavement get ever nearer!! I remember my foot desperately trying to get to something but nope,  it was still stamping around the passenger footwell as my pupil stopped the car!  yikes  Oh the shame!!

After putting the odd story up that yes could look like a horror story of an inexperienced Pdi trying to make it into the big wide world of established Adi’s who I thought were some sort of figure to really look up to, I still consider that to be the case.  Thankfully I cannot remember any replies saying just ‘Hummm get a refund clearly you’re rubbish’! Yes yes i know but that’s not going to help me is it! So thankfully I found several members who became like mentors to me. Most days I would bore them stupid with phonecalls/emails/pm’s etc etc  to ask WHY was it I couldn’t seem to get to the dual brake in time, or why was it I found myself in that position in the first placeI’m WELL aware my trainers should also be helping me with such things and they did, the thing was I wanted to know more, practice more, any information I could find I wanted and it made all the difference. This part 3 wasn’t going to land on my lap, I knew if I wanted it so badly and tried with everything I had I could do it AND enjoy it!  lol lol

  Thankfully, each time there was always someone who could help me and through that I became more and more competant AND confident generally until 3 months after first starting on my pink I finally was able to look forward to YEP I shall say it again look forward to my first (and hopefully ) only part 3 test.  I can honestly say I felt ready for part 3 and I really did enjoy it!  smile

Anyhow, enough of the waffle! Those of you out there who are Pdis or newly qualified Adis please don’t be afraid to ask for help. We were ALL there once, sometimes it helps to look back and remember things we struggled with and how far we have come over time.  I’m sure we have ALL made a whoopsy in the past and learnt from it, we are now in the position to help others avoid such issues. 
So, think before you post. We are here to help those who need it, always remember that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.............. only the one you forgot to ask!  wink


Saturday 7th March 2009 18:58:41

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Re: Think before you post, we were all there once!

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