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#1 Tuesday 20th January 2009 21:45:07

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I sure i saw some where that only 8 % of fleets have undertaken a driver training program!
If thats true should be good news.. any thoughts people. big_smile


Tuesday 20th January 2009 21:45:07

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Re: 8%

#2 Wednesday 21st January 2009 00:36:45

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Re: 8%

I would think that any ("market penetration") figure is very hard to substantiate.
There is undoubtedly a lot of potential work out there but a huge percentage will, I guess, continue to drag their heels.
The current economic climate will not help our cause at all, of course. 
So the actual figure may not be particularly relevant to the prospects of us getting fleet work - I wouldn't be spending money on getting fleet qualified at this moment, certainly.

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