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#1 Friday 19th September 2008 10:37:33

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Use of Mirros Emergency Stop

Hi Everyone.

I have read an emergency stop query only a couple of days ago, but i cant find it, so sorry if im repeating whats already been asked.

I had my Emergency Stop lesson last week, and by next week my Trainer has asked that i am able to complete the Use of Mirrors and ES lesson from beginning to end. I have a few things im confused about and hoped that you lovely people could shed some light for me.

Use of Mirrors

What sort of Qand A do you ask? Everytime i rehearse the lesson, im asking different Q's, so please which ones are essential to ask?

On the Briefing for the ES, im confused about when i should mention the ABS system and how it work's. I mean should i say it just after telling them how to break and clutch, or wait till the end, while explaining how to correct a skid.

If anyone doesnt mind, would it be possible to get a lesson prompt list, to which order you guys do it.

Also is it nessesary to ask the pupil to point out what distance he thinks the car should stop in, and if it is, do we just get them to point out the shortest stopping distance.  :?

Thanks in advance for the advise. Your help would be most appreciated.

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Friday 19th September 2008 10:37:33

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Re: Use of Mirros Emergency Stop

#2 Friday 19th September 2008 11:08:56

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Re: Use of Mirros Emergency Stop

Hi Cat,
Q&A = What mirrors are in the car?
What type of glass (convex/flat)
When should you use mirrors?
How are mirrors used?
Why do you need to check mirrors?
As for the briefing for the ES, you really need to keep it simple otherwise you will end up rollercoasting. I would mention the ABS system after you have discussed types of skidding and how to deal with it e.g. cadence braking. Then go on to add that in a vehicle with ABS you would not need to cadence brake.  Explain what/why happens when ABS is activated.
The link you are referring to is this one … 981.0.html
If you give me your e mail address, I can send you a lesson prompt list on the subject.
Hope this helps.


#3 Friday 19th September 2008 11:24:25

tony adi
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Re: Use of Mirros Emergency Stop

Sorry to point out the obvious, but what are you paying your trainer for?

What is the use of mirrors and E/S lesson? Do you mean the PST?

Is your trainer just teaching you the PST's? If so have words and tell him/her you want training properly. Trainers who just teach PST's are showing very low standards. They're supposed to teach you how to teach not just to pass part 3.

Briefings for PST's should be fairly short but cover all the elements of the subject, so in reply to your query on ABS, the order you put things in should make some sort of sense to you. It's very difficult to explain something to another person if it's muddled in your head. If it's all a jumble to you because your trying to repeat what somebody else told you to say, all you'll end up doing is rambling on. Write down all the things you need to cover and rehearse how your going to say it so that it seems clear and logical to you. The first part is a natural follow on from use of mirrors, it's the only time you don't check your mirror before braking. This then leads to an explanation of what your going to ask your "pupil" to do, followed by an explanation of when and why you would do an E/S. The natural next step would be how to do it and an explanation of what may cause a skid and how to correct it dependant upon the capabilities of the vehicle i.e. whether or not it has ABS.
However the order you say things is not important, so long as you cover everything. That's just roughly how I do it, if it seems easier and more natural to you to put things in a different order then do it that way.

As for use of mirrors, what mirrors do you have?, when do you use them? and the most important question WHY do you use them? are the basics but there are lots of other things you can ask dependant on the situation you are in.

All these things should be being covered by your trainer, if they're not your not getting what you've paid for. People on these forums are always willing to help, but your trainer should be teaching you in a way that doesn't cause you confusion to start with. As I said at the begining, that's what your paying them for.


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#4 Sunday 21st September 2008 20:29:33

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Re: Use of Mirros Emergency Stop

Cheers Guys  wink

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