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#1 Friday 15th August 2008 11:24:32

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Bill Plant Training LTD

Good Morning

Has anyone heard of a company called Bill Plant Training LTD, as currenlty I'm studying towards my adi part 2, using PAYG option and was saw an advert in the paper for this company.  As they offer registration and training pack for £495.00 and the training per hour for £25.00.

Part One: Passed 21/06/08
Part Two: Passed 9/10/08
Part Three: Failed 26/05/09


Friday 15th August 2008 11:24:32

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

#2 Friday 15th August 2008 14:36:33

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

The growth of the Bill Plant driving school to date has been almost exclusively fuelled by the large number of RED/The Instructor Colleges trainees seeking trainee licenses in an attempt to pass part 3. Consequently they must have some experience of helping TIC trainees get through the Part 3 exam.

The new adverts that have just appeared in several of the national newpapers appear to be an attempt to get into driving instructor training in a big way and remove their heavy dependence on TIC for new recruits.

The scheme basically offers a few books and a Hazard Perception DVD-rom  for part 1 which you are buying from the Bill Plant driving school for £495. You are then buying individual driving lessons from one of the local Bill Plant instructors at £25 per hour (in our area) for part 2 and part 3. This is the pay as you go aspect. The local Bill Plant instructor in our area advised a "would be" candidate that it would only take 8 hours to pass part 2, 40 hours for part 3 and a further 20 hours if they wanted a trainee license. The guy heavily dissed the big boys particularly TIC with they over priced course at £3,500 with relatively little real in-car training and so on. When asked if he was ORDIT qualified he said they had considered it but because it was going to be disbanded in 18 months they saw little point in joining. Having supposedly rescued many people from TIC who are ORDIT they were confident that what they offer is to a higher standard than ORDIT. Apparently the instructor presented a very good case for doing instructor training with Bill Plant. Within an hour of the enquirer calling the Bill Plant Office in Harrogate Yorkshire the local instructor who does driving instructor training had rung him back to sell him a Bill Plant course.

The big boys may have some serious competition with this no nonsense rock bottom £495 plus buy lessons as you go approach.


#3 Friday 15th August 2008 19:02:07

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

The big boys may have some serious competition with this no nonsense rock bottom £495 plus buy lessons as you go approach.

£495 makes the books very overpriced.
PAYG lessons from an non-Ordit trainer.

TIC will be quaking in their boots, I'm sure. (Not that I'm recommending them)

I paid face value for my books and £27.50ph for my training (Ordit trainer) and I know I'm not the only one to pass first time with the trainer.

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#4 Friday 15th August 2008 19:36:49

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD


Do your research.  I took my training with Bill Plant when I decided to become an instructor, and wish I had come across this site first.  It is all solely down to the quality of the instructor, who will most likely not be ordit registered (mine was not).. I endded up taking lessons additional lessons, with a local ordit registered instructor and there was a difference in instruction.

Get the pack AD14 pack and do all the part one yourself - good pack can be bought from desktopdriving.  For part two you will need a little help from a local instructor, prob would not bother with an ordit registered instructor for this test, but pratice like hell when in car on own!
For part 3, pay the £30 p/h ordit instructor, worth every penny!! go to local test center and ask a number of instructors for recommended trainer - you may have the same name or two pop up... this is how i found mine (whilst on a pink).

Once you have done the 40 hrs, maybe look at contacting BillPlant to go st to a pink license and use them to get some experience before going to part 3... but be aware things do start off very slow!!


#5 Friday 15th August 2008 20:38:04

tony adi
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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

If you want some idea of the quality of training you'll get, look out for a large transit van covered in Bill Plant logo pulling a trailer with large Bill Plant ad on it. It's driven by Bill's son, he makes your average white van man look like the world's best driver.


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#6 Friday 15th August 2008 20:41:52

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile

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#7 Friday 10th October 2008 14:59:01

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Re: Bill Plant Training LTD

i have done my part 1 and am looking for a school to do parts 2 and 3. i was interested to see bill plant is offering a free fleetcraft training course worth £995 (surpposedly) if you train with them. what is a fleetcraft training course and is it worth going with bill plant because of this if not any recomendations for schools in the north kent area  :? :?


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