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#1 Friday 25th July 2008 14:01:42

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failed motorcycle test (robbed)

I failed my direct access motorbike test today for riding under the speed limit but riding too fast!?
In an advisory 20 I was doing 25 even though there were no hazards or people in view!
I finished with no minors and 1 serious fault as described above!! I was given the explanation that there 'could' have been children nearby although no persons were observed at all.

Glad to see the examiners are re-writing the highway code.

Having driven cars for 10 years and smaller bikes for a similar time Im absolutely gutted and angry and I see no point in a retake as I would change nothing. I feel better having vented my anger, thanks,

Phil H


Friday 25th July 2008 14:01:42

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Re: failed motorcycle test (robbed)

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