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#1 Friday 25th July 2008 13:50:18

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Failure of motorcycle test

Hey folks, Im Phil and I've been drving cars for 10 years and have passed several courses, my gripe however is with my motorcycle test failure (today).

Not sure if anyone knows the answer, but here goes.

I was failed with 1 serious error X for riding under the legal speed limit! Advisory 20, I was driving at 25 mph. There were no hazards, no people, good visibility, good road surface,etc. The instructor said that there could have been children playing at the nearby school, although none had been observed! After I tried to explain that the lights were not flashing on the signs and that ats school holidays. I picked up no minors and had a floorless drive! I feel robbed and angry! I was wondering if it was woth an appeal and what I need to do. My instructor couldn't believe it. I have been riding smaller bikes for over ten years.




Friday 25th July 2008 13:50:18

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Re: Failure of motorcycle test

#2 Friday 25th July 2008 20:02:20

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Re: Failure of motorcycle test

Advisory is exactly that.

As you acknowledge yourself, there was minimal hazards, so you should have been considering good progress.

In such circumstances, a serious would be expected.


#3 Friday 25th July 2008 21:08:17

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Re: Failure of motorcycle test

Hi Phil, you must be gutted, better luk next time.


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