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#1 Saturday 3rd May 2008 09:48:35

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fleet trainers in Bristol

Am thinking of doing a fleet training course. as bristol is best for me and I see from the DSA website that there are three providers in the Bristol area. The AA or BSM or a company called UK road safety ltd. Before I contact them has anyone out there done courses with them or has any recommendations about any of them  neutral


Saturday 3rd May 2008 09:48:35

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Re: fleet trainers in Bristol

#2 Saturday 3rd May 2008 11:40:13

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Re: fleet trainers in Bristol

Don't know how often the AA or BSM run these sort of courses.  I don't think the AA make their fleet course open to ADI's outside of the AA.  BSM certainly used to open up their courses to those who are not BSM franchisees, but what their fleet course is like, I have absolutely no idea at all.  It probably wont only be run in Bristol, they will probably move the course around their training centres.

UK Road Safety.  That's Alf Reynolds isn't it?  I haven't met the chap and haven't dealt with him, BUT I have heard good reports from others who have used him.  I believe he is an ex-SEADI.

Aside from that, do you know anyone else that wants to become fleet qualified?  If you can find a couple more interested then some of the independants will probably be happy to travel to you to put he course on.  If you do know any others, I see plenty of recommendations on here for Hector (Nigel Dawson)

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#3 Saturday 23rd August 2008 18:45:39

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Re: fleet trainers in Bristol

Alf Reynolds is AT driver training he runs a DSA accredited course in Bristol and ive taken it but my advice take the rospa diploma

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