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#26 Sunday 23rd December 2007 07:46:42

Kelvin White
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Re: Confused about CPD

Hi Target,additional training is very expensive,aspecially if you seek out the top trainers.I work on the basis that if I learn from the best then I have some chance of also delivering this high standard.In my own situation it is proven that through CPD I have been able to stay at the fore front for this area,when many around me are scratching for a living.

I take on board your comments regarding those that can afford to invest and find time to study will be better placed come the shake up,but this is business and we have to speculate to acummulate.

To invest around £2000 at this time of year is tough and sacrifices will have to be made,but I see it as the way forward.All businesses have to plan for the future or fall by the wayside.
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Sunday 23rd December 2007 07:46:42

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Re: Confused about CPD

#27 Sunday 23rd December 2007 08:01:43

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Re: Confused about CPD

I attended a conference sometime ago when the subject of CPD was only just being aired. The DSA informed thedelegates that they would only require to see some form of CPD whenever the ADI was attending a CT.

Put this into perspective - the ADI would only have to do some form of further training once every 4 - 5 years on average. I would say that for any profession where safety is one of the key factors, doing a course every 4 years is the least the DSA should expect from the worst ADIs.

Even attending conferences isa  form of CPD, the nature of the training does not have to run into thousands of pounds.


#28 Sunday 23rd December 2007 08:51:43

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Re: Confused about CPD

Great thread guys this is what the forum should be like.

Kevin yes some cpd helped you change the way you deliver your lessons and enabled you to charge at the top end for your area.

Jaspersplace. Interesting what you say but will attending a conference once every 4 years make us better instructors?

Driving should be fun


#29 Sunday 23rd December 2007 09:16:59

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Re: Confused about CPD

Mikerow - No I don't believe an attempt at CPD in between check tests will make any difference at all. My point is that DSA come up with "great idea, now lets do it poorly" time and time again.

CPD is the way forward for improved road safety and increased earnings. But I firmly believe DSA in their infinite wisdom will make a half attempt at implementing the proposals. Some of our colleague ADIs will be screaming "what about my freedom of choice", there'll be some bureaucrat in Brussels who will have a take on the proposal and the parliamentary "liberty" groups will be up in arms at the barecheek of enforcing proposals to the self employed.


#30 Monday 24th December 2007 10:44:27

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Re: Confused about CPD

Yes good discussion.....Its nice to come back and read without being put down or belittled.

Im sure to stay in line with the current DSA take on CPD will not be a problem for those just doing the bare minimum. The fact im sure many will take the cheapest option, and if attending free meetings and drinking free coffee will get them past the requirements they will do it.

Its rather scary listening to ADis at the TC, and this is one who claims to have done the DipDi.( yell adverts says it ). I was shocked when I over heard him saying that the DSA seem to change things but do not tell Adis. This was on a discussion about using gears to slow the car, and mirrors in pairs. Some of the conversation was rather worrying to say the least. And I still get Adi not knowing what the MPTC are for. Off road practice was suggested by one recently and he expected the white lines to be drawn up very soon. :?

Im looking into some extra training into another field, ive had enquires this year but turned the work away, there will also be some what I call enjoyment courses perhaps some off road driving and skid control courses. Then it could be instructor training.

Basically we all no the learner market is drying up, so it seems having options if better than doing just one thing.

I'd also like to learn HGV or riding a motorbike. Learning an automatic and other things I'd consider. Never driven one before.

Lots to get on with and some will generate more work, but with little cost. Some will just keep me busy and more interest in the job.

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#31 Saturday 5th January 2008 20:48:38

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Re: Confused about CPD

Will the letters dip di after my name, or grade 6 instructor or Cardington "A" , stop people asking two questions when they ring.
How much , followed by what discount do you give.
When I tell them my price, I am told so and so is cheaper. I tell them you get what you pay for, and tell them to go to the cheaper guy if thats what they think they are worth.

My pass rate, plus the fact that I have taught in a small area for 14 years and have never heard of one of my ex-pupils being in a serious prang speaks for itself.

Provided you teach "arrive alive" and your pass rate is over 75% do you need CPD ?

The only reason I can see personally for CPD is to become a trainer and stop teaching Joe Public.

What do you suggest I do for CPD, and why ?

Happy New Year



#32 Sunday 3rd February 2008 17:50:30

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Re: Confused about CPD

Been instructing for about 18 months now. I'm asking myself what can cpd do for me and my pupils?
I have done the IAM test.
My pass rate is way above my Tc average.

I find myself asking whats the point. If the dsa want to weed out the bad instructors don't they do that with the check test?

I'm confused :? :?

Last year I went to Buxton for 2 days and met John Farlam of Smart Driving
This was the first training I'd had since 2002 and the best money I've ever spent on a course.

This CPD has given me the tools to deliver a grade 6 lesson everytime.  With access to Johns
website and his personal assistance by email I'm never stuck for advice.

So for me CPD has improved customer satisfaction which has increased lesson price and my business.

You should check it out.

At University studying Humanities with Literature and Music.


#33 Thursday 14th July 2011 14:13:13

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Re: Confused about CPD


John now delivers Instructor Training via



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