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#26 Thursday 16th January 2014 21:13:52

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Re: Helpful hints

russchaplin2410 wrote:

I like to do a lesson with pupils using a sat nav to show how tricky they can be to use. Learners can find the voice a real distraction and the directions tend to come a bit late for them. This is a particular problem when having to change lanes in a busy town environment. It's all good real driving experience though. ...

Yes that's a good idea. Do you find the directions sometimes confusing at roundabouts?
Likewise I get my students to use cruise control and make sure they know about the do's and don'ts.

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Thursday 16th January 2014 21:13:52

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Re: Helpful hints

#27 Wednesday 15th February 2017 09:40:57

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Re: Helpful hints

Hi my name's Matthew Durrant. I'm an ADI in Derby. Just wanted to say that there's some really interesting posts here - informative and funny, great reading!


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Re: Helpful hints

We are a funny lot, funny weird that is!


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