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nicolae learning blog lol

11th Novemeber 2007:
my 1st lesson with bsm (my 5th leson with an instructor)
i was quite exited the hour before but very nrvous too, all i new is that he was called rob and he would be here at 11am sharp lol yikes
well rob came and he was a lovely middle aged man. he asked me what ive done so far so i told him (it didnt take long  big_smile)
well i started off ok ( i didnt stall big_smile) and he pulled me up oads of times about things im doing wrong. i must keep on looking in my mirrors
ive tried reversing and quite enjoyed it  yikes i did a 3 point turn in the road, parrellel parking and reversing around a carner before coming home. i really enjoyed it and my next one is a week on friday at 2-4. carnt wait!
he reakons i could be passed in another 10 lssons (2 hour ones)
well ill let you all know how i go on a week on friday
xxxx :afro:


Monday 12th November 2007 17:11:25

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Re: nicolae learning blog lol

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