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#1 Sunday 28th October 2007 08:19:42

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Arm Signals - Part 3?

I've got my 3rd and final attempt at part 3 coming up soon. I still have a number of concerns but in particular the use of arm signals on the move. There seems so much to do in such a short space of time, especially if turning left or right. If you had practised all the arm signals during the briefing whilst stationary, would the SE also expect you to practise arm signals on the move? Has anyone any experience of this or can offer any helpful advice? Many thanks.

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Sunday 28th October 2007 08:19:42

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Re: Arm Signals - Part 3?

#2 Sunday 28th October 2007 09:22:31


Re: Arm Signals - Part 3?

Listen CAREFULLY to the word picture. The SE may or may not want to do arm signals whilst moving.
If he does, try to get them done  ASAP. Watch out for "girlie" attempts, make sure the safety aspects are carried out before he puts arm out the car, that the timing is correct and that the arm is out straight and the movements positive.

Once you have covered arm signals, allow the lesson to progress onto ped crossings.

The lesson may take in ped crossings before you have fully coverd arm signals depending on the SE's chosen route, dont worry, deal with the crossings as they arise but practice the arm signals on junctions etc in between the crossings.

Try slowing down signal by giving instruction to pull up on left, as early as possible. you can pull the SE up at anytime you want , so this shouldnt be a problem.

I dont believe there is any requirement to do arm signals on the approach to a crossing on the test, so dont make things any harder for the "pupil" than needs to be, treat it as 2 seperate topics.

*self edit* added final paragraph as an afterthought.

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