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#1 Wednesday 10th October 2007 19:54:08

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My driving blog! :)

Hi all I had my first lesson today with an instructor down here at college and it was great! I rembered pretty much everything from my lessons at home and find the instructors car easy to drive (Its a Ford Ka) 

The only things i need to work on are....
* When going from minor to major and vice versa not to 'snatch' the clutch up too quick and shudder along..
*and also rember when to look/hear for when the gears need changing.

I really enjoyed it 

Got one next week too.......


xX.:Can we bring yesterday back around coz I know how I feel about you now....:.xX

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Wednesday 10th October 2007 19:54:08

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Re: My driving blog! :)

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