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#1 Sunday 20th May 2007 09:07:47

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PASSIT Driver Training Ltd ( Derbyshire )

I have to mention This ADI training school as i spent over a year training with them,the principal trainer GRENVILLE R WHITE is DSA ADI grade 6,Ordit registered a Dip Di Diamond special Test,DSA fleet trainerand a RoSPA Trainer HGV 1.His training is 1-1 with you and You choose the subject and he will help you all he can his role play is spot on,his little demo's are a real source of encouragement and his tales of ADI tests are real eye openers as he has sat in on many part two and three tests.
       I Went to him because he came highly reccomended to me from a ADI as i had spent over a year wasting my time with a nationwide Training college (yes the one on the TV) and TWO part three failure's down the road and nothing to show for it. His first session was a real eye opener and he gave me his harsh but honest opinion and confirmed what i already feared,i had wasted time and money on THAT COLLEGE and i was VERY prepared now to pay my money to Grenville and Believe me it was worth Every single penny - God bless you Grenville White this Man is top of his game.


Sunday 20th May 2007 09:07:47

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Re: PASSIT Driver Training Ltd ( Derbyshire )

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Re: PASSIT Driver Training Ltd ( Derbyshire )

Am glad you found yourself a trainer you could trust critchadi. You don't say if you have qualified yet, if you have , well done, if not then good luck to you. I only hope that more PDI's read this thread and see that what the add promisses, and what you actually get don't always add up.



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