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#1 Sunday 7th January 2007 19:16:40


The Hazard Perception Test

Remember there is only ONE scorable DEVELOPING HAZARD  This is where my pupils get confused (and of course TWO in the double clip so stay alert). They see a bend, a parked car a zebra crossing (no one waiting) however although these are all indeed hazards they are NOT DEVELOPING HAZARDS which is what you are being marked on. They could become one which is what you are watching for. If anything becomes a developing hazard it will cause you to slow down stop or swerve. You can still give one click just in case but don't click again if nothing develops

So lets take a parked car, yes its a hazard. It doesn't become a hazard that is developing until you see brake lights for instance, or exhaust fumes or feet under the car etc THEN you click. Say a cyclist is in front of your car on a video clip. He's a hazard yes but he doesn't become a developing hazard UNTIL he does something which may cause us to SLOW DOWN, STOP, OR SWERVE. these are what you are looking for.

Any hazards which would cause you to have to take actual action.  So lets say we are driving along behind the cyclist, its OK until now BUT then we see him check over his right blindspot!! I would now click. chances are hes about to get up to something if he has checked his right blindspot like cross our path and turn off perhaps which is probably going to cause us to have to take some action.We should click when we see the cyclist just as we would check our mirror in the car and we would watch and see if it developed into a hazard.

So when i saw the cyclist check his right blind spot as a DRIVER i would now be checking my interior mirror to see what is behind in case i need to take action SOOOO click the mouse. when the cyclist actually starts to do what you thought he would you'd check your mirrors again in the car and probably gently brake. SOOOO another click. Finally as you see the vehicle you are 'pretending' to be in begin to SLOW SWERVE OR STOP do your final click just as you would check once again in the car.

So to sum up, i use the three clicks per developing hazard technique. Don't double click or keep clicking rhythmically or you will get a nice red cross telling you you've scored 0 for that clip and you cheated   Like i say above, one when something suspicious goes on if nothing else changes then nothing lost. IF the hazard develops further another click then a final click as the car begins to take action. This should ensure you are within the scoring window for that clip. Stay alert once you think you've got it because you have a double clip somewhere.

Look around you at the scenery, is the clip of rural roads? Look for wildlife and cyclists, if its a motorway or dual carriageway keep an eye on the slip roads for drivers causing you to slow down as they change lanes. On mine i actually had pigeons in a clip!! I thought no it cant be they were on a crossing. I clicked anyway sure enough my car slowed right down and stopped for the pigeons so its a good job i clicked.

Sunday 7th January 2007 19:16:40

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Re: The Hazard Perception Test

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