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#1 Friday 23rd June 2006 17:06:08


Clent school of motoring (West Midlands and Worcestershire)

Clent school of motoring Tel: 01562 883905

If you are training or have trained in the past with this company, please tell us your opinions of the training and service you received.

Please br responsible about what you post. If you had a bad experience then by all means tell us what happened, but do so responsibly. This section is not about defaming any company.

The opinions below do not represent the opinions of Driver Training Today.

Friday 23rd June 2006 17:06:08

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Re: Clent school of motoring (West Midlands and Worcestershire)

#2 Saturday 28th April 2007 17:04:59


Re: Clent school of motoring (West Midlands and Worcestershire)

I trained with this company for my part 2 and some of the part 3. I wouldn't really describe them as a company - just 3 guys in different areas. It was a simple pay-as-you-go plan, which I favoured over the upfront charges. They also offered a local, personalised service which I also favoured.

I ended up paying way too much for the part 2 lessons, some of which was partly my fault, because I didn't get enough practice in on my own. Looking back I could have had a quarter of the lessons and then done most of the practice myself. I can't really judge the quality of training, since I had nothing else to compare it to.  I'm certain I could have passed my part 2 a lot sooner, as my trainer recommended using the first attempt as a "toe in the water", as it were.

On to part 3. This is where I felt my trainer really lacked experience, and to be honest, I was glad to come away from him in the end. There didn't seem to be any real attempt at a structured training syllabus, it definitely seemed "on the hoof" to me, and, at times, I felt he was struggling as much as I was.  In fact, I remember a time when we actually had a pretty serious argument because I questioned some of his methods, which was, in my view, unprofessional at best. It's easy to be critical with hindsight, but it seems obvious to me now that I was used as a guinea pig, as I believe I was the first PDI to train with them.

Towards the end of my time with CSM, I was running low on money, and morale, and ceased taking lessons with them. Overall, I would say my experience with them left me with a slightly bitter taste about the whole industry.

I suppose the moral of my story is a simple one - the importance of carrying out thorough research regarding training.

Since then, I've probably learned more from Brian Stratton's blueprints and my own painstaking research, and I feel much more positive regarding my future prospects.

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