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#26 Sunday 18th November 2007 14:47:30

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Re: Arm signals

ha ha  big_smile

If you can't do it safely don't do it at all


Sunday 18th November 2007 14:47:30

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Re: Arm signals

#27 Sunday 25th November 2007 18:42:20

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Re: Arm signals

Some of the older se's INSIST on use of arm signals if an oppurtunity arose on the move on part 3 and will downgrade if not used.

At our DTC, the NEW examiner expects you to teach them on the move.  I was in the back of the car on a Part 3, and my pupil was trying to get the examiner to accept a stationery practice.  In the end, the examiner set off, pput his window down and used them anyway!  At the end of test (which the PDI passed), he said he had asked for the "practical use" of Arm Signals to be taught.


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#28 Tuesday 15th January 2008 13:54:46

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Re: Arm signals

The whole point of a pst is to give a lesson. Would you cover it on the move on a normal lesson-of course.

Point is it will be marked on a pst paper because it will come into one of the key criteria-but the most you can be marked for is satisfactory in the main criteria-it is in the core comps you get marked as in 1-6. Is it a fault to not use arm signals when needed-that is the question. It is a lesson on signals-incorporating arm signals-so all these thing should be taught as is. So if they prove to be able to do arm signals in brief and practice before move off does this then mean they are able to do it correctly whilst on the move.

Very grey area, but a lot of adi trainers have stated over the years to me that it should be included on the move at least as many times as is practical and safe.


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